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quotes all about the pain and sufferage of heatbreak...!

there’s a girl in the mirror I wonder who she is, sometimes i think i know her, sometimes i really wish i did. There’s a story in her eyes, lullabies and good byes
when she's looking back at me i can tell her heart is broken easily

I actually thought I was over you
But then by accident out eyes met
And everything came rushing back
The memories, the kisses, and fun times we had
And I just fell all over again

When we're apart my heart just shatters
But when we're together nothing else really matters
Except me with you and you with me
Boy I love you more than you could ever see

When im with u, anything can happen. u make me vulnerable.
I dont trust myself with u because I love u too much.
And I'd do anything u wanted just to have u hold me again

I look back at my old notes and cards and everything from you
and they are just pieces of paper, they dont mean anything to anyone right?
Well those little pieces of paper mean the world to me
They mean I once had you, and you once loved me
And they give me some hope that u loved me before
Then you can do it again right?

Its not the fact that i miss being your girlfriend..
I just miss being in your life


I'm afraid that i'll end up alone. i'm scared that i'm always gunna be the
sister or the friend or the confidant, never quite somebodys everything. i'm
scared that i'll never find a guy that i'll love as much as *I love you*

There's so much I can't say when I look in your eyes, I'm worried you'll reject me, and hurt my foolish pride, Each day this love grows stronger but I could never let you know, There is so much behind my smile, that I could never show, I'd hold you for a lifetime if you would let me in, I’d love you like no other, but you don't understand, Every time I see you, your holding on to her, The pains like a knife, cutin' deep in my soul, So I'll dream of us together of just how it could be and all that you are will remain a silent part of me.

I hate it…. I think I'm getting over you and I look for other guys, but then I hear of you and some girl really hitting it off...and it hurts so bad...I just can't explain it, even though I know I'm not yours, it still hurts….

It feels like you still love me, like nothings changed but deep down i know your heart belongs to her now..

Everytime I look at you I just cant look away All I want to do is leave But something is forcing me to stay

When you look at me I'd love to think that your falling in love with me again, but I know your just trying to figure out why you did in the first place


Someone can walk into your life and it is not until after they walk out that you realize that they were even there.

I can't wait to see you. Want to see if you still got that look in your eyes, that one you had for me before we said our goodbyes. And it's a shame that we got to spend our time, being mad about the same things...over and over again...-nelly

you know he's [special] when you walk the long
way to class -'- down 2 extra hallways & around
four corners just to see [him] .. y0u're hoping your
eyes meet so he can shoot you that great smile
of his that just always makes your day better .

Sometimes you have to let go of something to see if it’s really worth holding onto… And sometimes, when you realize it was worth holding onto… It’s a little too late.

While they dance she holds him close,
While he dreams of another can't wait to let her go
Same old story, everyone knows...
One heart holding on, the other letting go...

I'm holding on to something that used to be there, hoping it will come back, but knowing it won't...

Dont cry for what might have been, dont live in the past
It was supposed to be forever, well forever never lasts
Lift your head and dry your tears, forget yesterday
We had the time of our lives, but we must move on
Let it fade away

Time is supposed to make things better, but in love it doesn't. Although we have been apart for awhile, and now have different loves in our life, I still can't help wondering how your life is...and when i catch you glancing at me, I can't help but wonder if your heart beats a little mine does when i see you....

Wish I had somebody, walking beside me, looking into my eyes at night. I want
a love to call my own. I want someone that I can hold, someone wanting me.
Just want to know how it feels to be somebody's somebody

but did you know my heart's been broken since that
d a y I m e t y o u

'once upon a year gone by' '
she saw herself give in'
'every time she closed her eyes'
'she saw what could have been'


a broken heart is. .</3
fOrcing urself tO hang up the phOne after uve already dialed 3 of his numbers
u cry urself tO sleep every night
screaming and begging fOr anOther chance inside
the empty feeling u get when u see him with his new girl
listning tO that One sOng that makes u break dOwn and cry


I've slipped into that world
A world where only my happiest memories
Play continuously before me
I can forget all my troubles and
Only relish in the glow of what
Has been missing for so long
And in this dream world
I'm free to be me


when i wake up in the morning
and i lay in my bed
and think of spending another day alone
that's when i miss you

all the amazing things that have happened to me
dont even compare to the day i met you

I love you
So simple ; So true

Love me .. Hate me .. I dont care, just promise you'll always think of me

I guess what scares me ...
is knowing that at any moment
you could rip my heart out and
step on it..and i'd just pick it up
and hand it right back to you

He was the first guy I was nervous to call
He was the first guy I ever went on a date with
The first guy I truly held hands with
He was my first true boyfriend
He was my first, second, and third kiss
He was my first everything
And lets face it, he still is..

He's the kind of person that makes me wanna fall in love someday<3

sometimes love needs a second chance. .
cuz time wasnt ready for the first one. .

Late at night when all the world is sleeping, i stayed up and think of you. And i wished upon a star, that somewhere you are thinking of me too

nothing can describe this..
every dream ive ever had
suddenly came true
everything ive ever wanted
I found it all in you

I’ve always been, looking for some
one who loves like me. but the day
i stopped my search. it seemed,
you were put on Earth. to show me
everything i could not see.. i wish i
could find a way.. to tell you how`
...i felt that day...

i loved you from the beginning
ill love you till the end
love you through the hardships
and all the "lets just be friends"
through all the happy memories
that make me love you all the more
me screaming at all of your games
you yelling for me when i score
im telling u baby
right now, i couldn’t love you anymore

Now that you're gone I'll wake up everyday wishing I was dead, and put on my "happy face" to go out and lie to the world.

Even though I've stopped liking you, every time someone mentions your name, my head turns right towards them. It's like every time I hear it, I think of all that we could've had and all that could've happened...that didn't.

There was a reason for why you broke my heart,
threes a reason for why you laughed when I cried,
but there is no reason for why i still love you after all that pain

Tears have been streaming down my face all day afraid of losing you and my heart screaming don’t let him go

Everyone says to give up on you,
But they don't see you like I do.
You're the one who broke my heart,
You're the reason my world fell apart.
You're the one who made me cry,
Yet, I still love you,
And I'm not exactly sure why.

I'm trying really hard not to cry over you because every tear is just another reminder of how I don't know how to let you go...

-My tears fall for the one who said would never make me cry.

Here I stand with everything to lose,
And all I know is, I don’t wanna ever see the end.
Baby, please, I’m reaching out for you,
Won’t you open up your heart and let me come back in?
Let’s be us again,
Ooh, us again.
Lets be us again..

You don’t know what love is till you lose it.
You don’t know what you’ve got till it slips away.
Leaves you alone in the dark and takes you and tears you apart.
You don’t know what love is till it breaks your heart.

Waking up from this nightmare
How's your life, what's it like there?
Is it all what you want it to be?
Does it hurt when you think about me?
And how broken my heart is- yellowcard

You broke my heart into a thousand tiny pieces... but each and every one of those pieces still loves you, and I really don’t know why.

I’ve been hurt so many times before. I’ve had my heart broken and I’ve shed thousands of tears. But I always recovered. So what’s different this time? Why can’t I get back up again? Maybe all those times I’ve been hurt before were like tiny cracks in the mirror. Maybe I’ve finally shattered.

I don't really mind if I'm nothing in your eyes. It's no surprise to me

ill be fine .. its not the first * just like
last time . . but a little worse

You never really fall out of love with your first love , you just find somebody else who can cover up the feelings but every once in awhile you still wonder what coulda have been..and a tear runs down your face

I'll stand
In the light
So you can count how many tears fall from my eyes
this time I'll be alright
my heart can't get any worse

I'm wishing that one day you'll miss me terribly that no matter how hard you look for me, you wouldn't find me.... Why? Because I want you to miss me the same way I'm missing you....

*~*Im holding on to something that used to be there,
hoping it will come back, but knowing it wont*~*

*.: You dont realize how much you care about someone...
Untill they dont care about you :.*

I guess u just get used to the pain..i guess u just get used to how broken your heart is

I have felt so much pain from you.. im used to it…i don’t even know what to feel anymore…or even if i ever could feel anything different

I don't understand why God would let us meet, knowing that we could never be together.

They say that it never hurts as much after the first time,
and I suppose there's an element of truth in that, but
they also say that every time u get hurt the barriers go
up a little bit higher, and u end up being hard and
cynical, and not giving anything to anyone. I wish that I
could be hard and cynical that I could take things slowly,
not give too much of myself , because I'd be so frightened
of getting hurt that there wouldn't be any other way. But
no. Everytime I meet someone I dive in head first.
Showering them with love and attention and hoping that
this time they're going to turn out different. --------- x3

don`t wanna fall for him again.. don`t think i can take the pain.. don`t wanna have these feelings if he doesn`t feel the same. don`t want my heart to jump when i haven`t talked to him for a while. don`t wanna see him grin if i`m not the one who`s makin him smile. don`t wanna try to explain if he`ll never understand. i don`t want tears in my eyes everytime i see his face. don`t want my heart to be empty if he`s the only one who can fill the space. i don`t want to have to smile at him when i really wanna cry. don`t want him to wave hello if he really means goodbye. don`t wanna tell him or let my feelings show. don`t wanna get played as a result of his little game. but all he has to do to get me back is simply -- [ just say my name ]

Without him she is torn apart
& full of pain that no one can see
& at night all she can do is think of what will never be
When she finally falls asleep she dreams of him
his sexy smile and the way he makes her laugh
This is the only time she is ever truly happy
because in her dreams they`re not just friends
he loves her back
She wakes back up and knows she has to face reality
he does not love her, the dream is just a cruel joke
Played by the crushed heart he doesnt even know he broke

i want to go back to the age of 6 where boys had cooties. or back to the age of 8 where you'd scream ew! when you see someone kissing. or i'd go back to the age of 9 when you'd play tag with a boy. cus even if he didn't like me.. i'll always be iT to him. or i'd go back to playing football with the boy next door cus skinned knees are better then broken hearts. but out of all, i want to go to the future when you finally love me back. even if it takes 10 years.. i'll wait. you're worth it. trust me.. Y0U'RE W0RTH iT. <3

if ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe ; stronger than you seem ; and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we`re apart.. i`ll always be with youu.

Im staring at your photograph remembering
each moment you made me laugh. I never
thought this would end this way and that Id
still be missing you to this very day.

I am laying here crying.
I don't need advice.
I don't need pity.
I don't need lectures.
I don't need chocolate.
I don't need jokes.
All I need, is him. <33

<333 I still have your picture, but I put it in a box....Along with your notes you wrote to me. I cry almost every time I look at that picture now. And I still have pictures of you in my mind...Pictures of us holding hands...of our first kiss. I want to rip up your picture into tiny little shreds...But, I want to save it because you're in my memory and I don't want to forget you. I may shred your notes, but I may keep them. I see a picture of you in my mind everyday... and it won't go away...


She'll sit there with her tear stained eyes and think of him again. She loves him but he's too blind to see and each day he breaks her a little more. Her mind is telling her it's okay to move on, while her heart is screaming don't let go. She's a hopeless romantic and he's just hopeless. So another story repeated of a silly girl in love with a foolish boy.

Maybe this summer I'll get over you, cause then I won't have to see you everyday. But then I think, just cause I won't see you doesn't mean I won't think of you. Cause even when I don't see you now, you're always on my mind.

Whoever made up that saying "You dont know what you've got until it's gone" is wrong.

Because you know what you've got while you have it,

You just dont know how much you needed it until you cant have it anymore___</3

Knowing that you have someone else's heart breaks my heart. & not because I hate her, & not because she doesn't [(deserve)] you, & it's not because I still love you. It's because I always told you that you deserve the best & now I'm afraid you've found it.

I am sick of pretending like I don't care when I obvioulsy do I am sick of being treated like this, especially by you I don't wanna hear that you don't care, even though I know it's true I don't wanna know that you love someone new, even if you really do </3

It breaks my heart when you call me your friend </3

Something in my heart tells me that I would have never know love if I hadn't met you

I would slice up my arm to get you back I'd tear up my life, it was never on track Loving is death & I know that now But still, I'm consumed & I dont know how to live without you

I hide my pain To fit your standards I hide my scars To blend with your lifestyle & I'm still not g . o . o . d enough

By now I really thought I'd be o v e r you I mean you've been o v e r me forever But it's just... Something I cant explain When I look into your e y e s I never want to look away*

Part of me wants to erase you from my past While another part of me still wants you in my future

I lay there at night, trying to fall asleep But each time I close my eyes Memories of you flash through my mind But then I open my eyes  & welcome myself back to reality Because I know now, you & I weren't ever really _*meant to be*_

I lie awake & try so hard not to think of you & I guess what killed me the most Was hearing them ask you "Did you love her?" & you shrugging your shoulders & saying "I thought I did"

It's like everytime I take a step away from you, something is pulling me back

Although it's my fault blaming myself has to come to an end

I need you to -p r e t e n d- were in love again</3

I wanna hate you so bad, but I cant stop this anymore than you can </3

Prove to me that words are real Tell me what you really feel </3

I want to be in love But I'm just alone in this tragic, heartless world

Our memories are my lulibyes They sing me to sleep everynight <3

I hate myself for losing you I blame myself for pulling you apart I guess this is the only way I hate these eyes that noticed you I blame my heart for breaking up that day I guess I didn't mean that much anyway

I know we've been through so much stuff & it seems like we're stuck in the past I know that if we work for this we can make it last <3

Can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me you dont care about me anymore?

She was always so strong & she always had no fears Yet when the perfect boy broke her heart She only felt tears </3

The truth of the matter is, I still have feelings for you & no matter how hard I try, a part of me just wont let go.

Welcome to broken hearted air ways, thank you for crasing & burning with us today </3

It's funny how the person I thought I didn't want Is the person I needed all along

I tried to take the pain away by finding someone [new] But then I realized theres no one compared to (you) & even if I look around pretending not to cry I'll always go back to the day you said g o o d - b y e

Last girl on everyone's mind She's pretty but a true love she cant find Everytime she thinks she finds the right guy He hurts her & makes her want to die So she cries herself to sleep at night Thinking in her head, I wanna feel alright

Eveyone keeps telling me to get over you & move on, obviously they dont know how hard I've already tried

Two people who broke up could never be friends & if they are, they are either still in love Or they never were

After all the things you put me through, I cant bring myself to get over you

Everyday I catch myself staring at you, wondering if I'll ever get another chance, another day to be in your arms

Am I over him? Or have I just accepted the fact that I have to be?

Theres always gonna be that akward moment where you walk by that person and remember all that you once had.

They ignore eachother & look the other way But deep down inside, they both know it wasn't supposed to end this way


Her biggest fear was that one day he would say "I want you back." She would break down in tears trying to think of a way to explain shes still to heartbroken from the last time and she's still not ready to loose everything again.

& you know im only crying my eyes out thinking of you

Beautiful girl with pretty eyes, a hidden heart of hurt and lies. She sits up in her bed at night and cries. It's hard for her to realize... love isn't all weak in the knees and butterflies

i know its nothing but lies, but they sound so sincere, I find them hard to hate.

&& as she stepped on the scale
she looks up at herself in the mirror
with tears running down her cheeks.
"will i ever change?" she asked herself;
"will i ever be good enough for him?"
she complains;;
she steps off the scale && opens the drawer
&& slowly bleeds her pain away



but I still loved you more than anyone since, or before.-Bright Eyes


No matter how hard you try to get over someone, you will still have some sort of feeling for them, remembering the ways things used to be, & how they are now. & you sometimes hope that the new person in their life was still you, & everything was how it used be, erasing all the bad things that happened. Time is supposed to make things better, but in love it doesn't. Although we have been apart for a while, & now have diferent loves in our life, I still can't help wondering how your life is, and when I catch you glancing at me, I can't help but wonder if your heart beats a little faster, as mine does when I see you.

When I see him his smile, those eyes, just everything about him, I end up loving him just as much as I did before I stopped. I guess once you love someone, and admit it, theres no crossing back. It's a line that will forever stay embedded deep within your heart, because once you have loved someone, it doesn't go're forced to care

she spends so much time dressing up for the boy that will never care

When you think about him, you start to cry, when he gets online your tummy gets that feeling and your heart beats ten times faster, when you see him you smile without even knowing it. That means theres something that wont let you give up.


You know, I still wait for your messages, as sad as it may seem. I haven't given up the thought that you'll come back to me. I think about it day and night, and even in my dreams.

You dont stay with the one you can live with but go for the one you cant live without, the one thats got you torn into pieces the one you cant stop crying about

Running with scissors wasn't smart I tripped and cut open your heart I didn't mean to, but I seem to Have pushed us back to the start.

It's so hard pretending that seeing you with her doesnt tear me apart & your something I dont deserve & my lips are screaming pretty nothings

I've never had so many uncontrolable feelings for somenoe who didn't care


She'd give anything & everything to fall in love, just this one time. She'd like to find what she's been dreaming of. She could find someone to hold her, but that wouldn't be enough, because she'd give anything to fall in love.

You see my soul, it's kind of gray You see my heart, and look away You see my wrist but dont feel my pain You know my cheeks aren't wet from rain

I'll be waiting for you, I'll wait until tomorrow, whats another day? When I've been waiting my whole life just for you.

I'm fighting back emotions I've never had before all because I'm not supposed to love you anymore

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of what could have been, yes I do think about you, every now and then


I'm a little bit lonley, I'm a little bit blue I can't stop crying, since I lost you There's a pain in my heart, like a lightning bolt I'm a litlle bit lonly, & it's all your falut


You know how it is when you dont want to miss them, but you want them to miss you


She thinks back to an old memory. She closes her eyes and smiles. Just ask her if she thinks about him, and she'll say "every once in a while"

I know that things aren't the same, but that doesn't mean that I dont wish they were

All it takes is one song to make me think of him and I can't hear anything except the music & my heart beating. All of a sudden I find it hard to breathe, butterflies are in my stomach & tears are running down my cheeks, and I dont know why

I wasn't supposed to fall for you, but I did
Your not supposed to be the only thing I think about but you are

The way you look at me lets me know theres got to be more than friendship between us

I want you to stay
At least will you try?
I want to love you
Please dont say goodbye

Everyone tells me I deserve better, but I dont want better, I want YOU


Love can tear and rip you apart, but if you're very lucky, it can put you back together.

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