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My favorite summer quotes...!

bikiniz' towelz' soakin in da sun
oceanz' beachez' just havin fun
meetin cute boiiz' out after dark'
swimmin at da pool' and hanqin
out at da park - - > summer o5'
when all da fun startz

short shorts; perfect tan; bikini tops tops
n' feEt in dA sanD gorgeous g u y z
soo much fun ; cant wait till summrs bequn

Tank Tops Flip Flops
Ice Cream Sweet Dreams
Late Night Pillow Fights
A Sun Tan Game Plan
Light Hair No Cares
Feet In Sand Drink In Hand
ALL I WANT IS summer!

Glossed lips
Bikini on my hips
Sunkissed tan
Just me and my girls
Don't need no man

Lazy days in the sun
Out & about having fun
Sun bleached streak in your hair
Summer has finally filled the air
It's summer '05
And so good to be alive

A sunrise; Size=300 pixels wide</3